Hi! I am Lindsay.

I’ve always thought that clothes can tell stories.

In 2016 I embarked on a plan to see what was possible if I took full control of the story I wanted to tell. I would make as many of my clothes as possible. I knew absolutely NOTHING.

I’m not sure what made me start. I think it was the result of many things. I was depressed  in my career, living in an isolated population in Hawaii and a few years back I visited Guangzhou while on tour and really saw the consequences of fast fashion. Perhaps a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I ordered a $70 sewing machine from amazon. I dove into Made to Sew’s video library and learned as much as possible. A few months later a serger from a tall dark and handsome man showed up on my door step and I was unstoppable.

A year later, I am wearing a majority me-made wardrobe and have a part time job sewing and creating top secret prototypes for a research and development company.

When I am not sewing, I am a classical musician and taking technical design classes at FIT.

Whilst this is mostly a sewing blog I respect other designers, makers and companies too much to not where them. So, these are the stories of my clothes, both me made and otherwise.