Eve Dress

We were both new, new to the island, new to the orchestra. I saw her from my chair and she turned around and winked. It was awhile before we actually met but I think we both knew instantly that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. But somewhat comically, our friendship continued to evolve like the beginnings of a romantic relationship. Our first time hanging out was sharing a bottle of prosecco on New Years under the moonlight of Kailua Beach. I think it was 2015. Since then we’ve been through ups and downs, documented by lots and lots of emojis and marathon texts. I like that we express how much we mean to each other.

We’ve realized that we were riding on parallel roads that intersected on Oahu. A parallel life that seemed to drive through similar tragedies and experiences but cultivated adventurous and passionate hearts. When our paths literally crossed, my heart overflowed with gratitude to find a kindred spirit who understood where I had come from.

I often think that these beautiful friendships that are so carefully cultivated are not celebrated enough. Sometimes I want to stand on the rooftop and profess to the world how amazing my friends are and how much love and admiration I have for all of them. For me these friendships have provided unconditional love and support that gave me strength to go out in the world and pursue dreams. The’ve inspired me to be thoughtful, courageous and comfortable in my own skin. When I started thinking about making something romantic, I thought not only about my own personal romantic relationship, but about all of my amazing friends who strike a chord of sentimentality when I think of them. Those relationships have an element of romance about them too.

When I set out on this project whose impetus was an actual wedding, my aforementioned friend was planning her own wedding in India. While this time our paths were not running parallel, we were both in a place where our lives were filled with love and it seemed that 2018 is the year that we would all celebrate it.

I settled on the Eve Dress by Sew Over It. It’s the perfect romantic, floaty wrap dress. I like patterns that have been around for a bit. You have the opportunity to be inspired by a lot of other amazing makes of the dress,  and can read about the pattern and see how it fits other body types.


I changed a few things. Since I was feeling fired up about about celebrating romance, I wanted things to be a little more over the top. So this meant that the sleeves needed to be drapier and bigger. I think I added four inches onto them. For the fabric I chose a bright, bold floral print that is uncompromisingly romantic.

I extended the shoulders out a centimeter. (I think it was about an 1/8 of an inch too far) and lengthened the bodice by an inch. I used a couple tutorials that were extremely helpful and made a muslin of the bodice. Both of these alterations helped, but I think the dress is just a little too big for me over all.

I cut a size that is normally on the smaller side and wish I would have been a little more patient and took it in a bit. The print is almost a bit overwhelming but sometimes romance can be overwhelming. 😍 Anyway, I still love it and what it stands for and it’s made me really happy to think about all of the amazing lovely relationships I have.


This turned out to be a really hard dress to photograph but I hope you can gleam the essence of it.

Designer: Sew Over It
Eve Dress
Floral Viscose Poplin from Blackbird Fabrics
Pattern Alterations:
I used these two tutorials to help lengthen and broaden the shoulders.
Made to Sew Lengthening the Bodice
Collette Wide or Narrow Shoulder Adjustment

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