Victoria Blazer

Life is a game of chess. I don’t know the roles of each piece, where they are supposed to go or what they can conquer. It doesn’t matter though because I’m not playing alone. My dad is helping to command my side. He is always two steps ahead of where I am. It’s me against the world and he’s giving me the fatherly push along and reassurance that I can’t get from him anymore. With an almost religious devotion I trust the game. I trust that if I am surrounded and attacked, that it is only temporary. It will be two unsuspecting moves and check mate!

Through the turbulence of the last few years I often take strength from this idea. I’m not religious, but I have faith. Faith in a bright future and faith that I can overcome obstacles thrown on the chess board. It’s also a way imagine him in my life and have him present in my thoughts. After over two decades of him being gone, and as his memory fades from me, I cling to any detail that I can of him.

I miss him, a lot.

To commemorate his 60th birthday, I bought this fabric and from an Etsy shop to make a garment to feel closer to him. He ALWAYS wore Pendleton shirts, so this is some wool from the Pendleton company. I wanted to do my own interpretation of a Pendleton wool shirt.

Since this piece of fabric was fairly heavy I decided to do it as a shirt/jacket make. After seeing a post by Charlotte of By Hand London a few months ago the Victoria Blazer had been in my head. My fabric is probably a little heavy for this pattern, but I really love the result. Everything was sewn as is on the pattern. The sew along they have on their blog was exceptionally helpful and I used that instead of the instructions.

I spent most of his birthday sewing this up. I often listen to podcasts while I sew, however on this day I just ambled through many memories that have been tucked away.

PS Here we are, and here is why I didn’t eat fish until my mid twenties.


Designer: By Hand London
Pattern: Victoria Blazer
Fabric: Pendleton Wool
Pattern Alterations: none

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  1. I love this so much! I love YOU so much ❤️ And this shirt/jacket is beyond! I know our dads are clinking a glass of something perfect while the play the game of life chess. Mur

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