Orange Jacket

My active imagination normally infiltrates my slumbers and sends me on the most epic adventures. In my dreams I am a super hero, a covert spy or an action hero. It’s always a life of intrigue where I am anyone I want to be. Awake, I can ride the wave of these dream memories and bask in their excitement. This sub conscious sense of adventure dictates adventurous choices in my parallel real life.

I traveled to every corner of the world in seemingly death defying adventures and played beautiful music on every stage possible. I almost died in China but my beautiful Serbian side kick saved me, similar in Peru. Prokofiev in a Mexican desert plagued by drug violence?…check. I triumphed and played Beethoven for 10k people in Holland and I was swarmed by children in Africa who only wanted to share my passions. I even hosted a lounge act with my best friend in a sequin dress….. It was exciting, it was thought provoking, it was even a bit glamorous. I saw the highs and lows of what the world had to offer, trying in my own way to elevate others through my passions.

But a few years ago I landed in a strange place, the dreams slipped away. I no longer save the world each night. My dreams and reality became a place where things were dull and often unmemorable, a place where my true passion became tainted and I became almost robotic. It was confusing because I was living in literal paradise. It was confusing because it seemed like all of my adventures were leading to this point.

I needed something I couldn’t make. Because what super hero actually make their own costume? It needed to be a shell of protection that transported my mind and body to a beautiful place, a shell incorporating the utmost technology to protect me from the ugly elements this world could throw out.

This jacket was aquired on a road trip that stretched from Boise, Portland, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. The REI gods were shinning down when desperate for something to shield me from the rain, they offered this up on the sale rack. I would have never chosen this color myself, but it now is a beacon of happiness.

Since that day I have donned this armor faithfully and with great pleasure as it repels the unwanted and allows me to soak up as much natural beauty as I can. It’s taken me up the rainy moss filled hikes in Yosemite, accompanied me in my Alice and Wonderland journey through the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods Park, on the most artistically satisfying artist residency in Banff, up to Old Man of Stor on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It’s last wearing was to the top of Mauna Kea, an intersection of the sacred and the sciences and a place so beautiful I was left speechless.

It’s a different kind of adventure that I sought out in this jacket. It was a mission not to defeat some unknown criminal, or push myself to the extremes in high pressure performance situations. It set me on a course to gain the skill and patience to appreciate and see how much beauty this world had to offer, a road of inspiration with an unknown destination.

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