Fielder Dress 2 Ways

I am a synesthete. Or I should say I WAS a synesthete and unfortunately I didn’t realize that it was something cool or different until those beautiful colors had quickly faded away like rainbows often do. In fact the last time I remember seeing a math test in color was in the fourth grade.

Not too long ago I heard a replay of a radio lab episode on synesthesia. Being a classical musician I was always aware that people could be so lucky to see color for different notes, chords and sounds. I have always had a hint of this, but when I read accounts it always seemed like they were looking through colored lenses and I was definitely not seeing things in the same way.

What I did not know is that it could be associated with numbers. Once I heard that, everything started making sense. As a kid, I always memorized the colors of phone numbers, knew outcomes of equations all because of the hued digits. I can’t believe I never thought to ask if my friends saw the colors too. This Liberty of London fabric is so nostalgic for me. It already has a vintage feel, but the colors are so similar to the hues that numerically danced around on paper and in the back of my mind. It makes me think back to a more saturated life.

I have always loved Merchant and Mills, but never able to adapt their oversized style to mine. I read so many fantastic reviews of their patterns and now own three of them. To date I have only made the fielder dress.  I made the first jacquard version the full length over a year ago for a trip to England and wore it once to the grocery store to pick up Indian take out. It just didn’t suit me.  It was too long and the fabric too thick for it to be ok with a belt. So it was relegated to the box under the bed.

I made the second Liberty version in Hawaii to have something to wear as a coverup in the evenings at the beach and wore it all of the time. I like how cheerful and bright it is against my mostly navy and black color pallete. Fast forward six months, I revisited the beautiful jacquard fabric and having very few sleeved options upon moving to Pittsburgh, I gave the jacquard version a trim and wear it over yoga pants. I’ve also made a dark green stretch velvet version that no one should have to see. The names “Robin Hood” and “Link” were thrown around a little too much. This particular version was left in Hawaii at a Goodwill. Hopefully someone can make a nice Halloween costume from it.

Designer: Merchant and Mills

Fabric: Liberty Sweatshirting from The Fabric Store and textured jaquard from L’Etoffe on Etsy
Pattern Alterations:
1. fit a UK size 8 sleeve into the size 6 because I thought it would help accommodate my broad shoulders
2. trimmed off quite a few inches
3. lowered the darts
4. the cuffs are a little tight, on the third failed version I made them slightly bigger and that seemed to make a lot of difference, so, who ever picks it up to wear to save Zelda, you’re welcome.

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